2020 Race Results

Race results are posted within 24 hours after the end of each race.

Photos are posted within 3-4 days after each race day. For holiday races, allow 7-9 days for photo.

Past Race Results

(Race Results from May 2009 to July 2019)


July 12.

Hotter Than Hell

July 4.

Rock the 4th (Virtual)

June 28.

Rock the Bay (Virtual)

June 27.

Rock the Oceanfront (Virtual)

June 21.

Rock Father's Day


June 20.

Rock into Summer 


June 14.

Rock the Beachfront (Virtual)

June 13.

Crush the Marina (Virtual)

June 7.

Blast the Bay (Virtual Race)

June 6.

Rock the Coastline (Virtual Race)

May. 31

Beach Madness (Virtual Race)

May. 30

Beach Mania (Virtual Race)

May. 25

Rock Memorial Day (Virtual Race)

May. 24

Rock the Ocean (Virtual Race)

May. 23

Blast the Bay (Virtual Race)

May. 17

Marina Madness

(Virtual Race)

May. 16

Armed Forces Day (Virtual Race)

May. 10

Rock Mother's Day (Virtual Race)

May. 9

Rock Marina Vista (Virtual Race)

May. 3

Rock Bayshore (Virtual Race)

May. 2

Rock the Marina (Virtual Race)

Apr. 26

Marina Classic (Virtual Run)

Apr. 25

Run The Shoreline (Virtual Run)

Apr. 19

Marina Challenge (VIrtual)

Apr. 18

April Sun (Virtual)

Apr. 12

Hoppy Easter (Virtual)

Apr. 11

Blaze the Marina (Virtual)

Apr. 5

Blitz The Marina (Virtual Run)

Apr. 4

Rock Into April (Virtual Run)

Mar. 29

Blast the Beach (Virtual Run)

Mar. 28

Blaze the Marina (Virtual Run)

Mar. 22

Rock Marina Vista (Virtual Run

Mar. 21

Rock into Spring (Virtual Run

Mar. 15

Rock St. Patricks Day

Mar. 14

Rockin' the Bay

Mar. 8

March Madness

Mar. 7

Rock the Coastline

Mar. 1

Rock into March

Feb. 29

Leap Year 2020

Feb. 23

Rock the Bay

Feb. 22

Rock the Shoreline

Feb. 16


Feb. 15


Feb. 9

Blitz the Shore

Feb. 8


Feb. 2

Rock Groundhogs Day

Feb. 1

Rock Into Feburary

Jan. 26

Marina Madness

Jan. 25

Beach Blast

Jan. 19

Rock the Ocean

Jan. 18

Rock the Marina

Jan. 12

Race the Bay

Jan. 11

Beach Bash

Jan. 5

Rock into January

Jan. 4

Blitz the Marina

Jan. 1

Happy New Year 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣