2019 Race Results

Race results are posted within 24 hours after the end of each race.

Photos are posted within 3-4 days after each race day. For holiday races, allow 7-9 days for photo.

Past Race Results

(Race Results from May 2009 to July 2019)


Nov. 11

Veteran's Day

Nov. 10

Blast the Beach

Nov. 9

Blaze the Coast

Nov. 3

Rock Marina Vista

Nov. 2

Rockin November

Oct. 27

🎃 Rockin Halloween👻

Oct. 26

Cruise the Marina

Oct. 20

Blitz the Marina

Oct. 12

Blitz the Shore

Oct. 6

Beach Blast

Oct. 5

Rock October

Sept. 28

Crush the Coastline

Sept. 22

Rockin' Autumn

Sept. 15

Marina Madness

Sept. 14

Beach Bash

Sept. 2

Rock Labor Day

Sept. 1

Rock into September

Aug. 31

Summer's End

Aug. 25

Crush the Coast

Aug. 24

Rock the Bay

Aug. 18

Marina Challenge

Aug. 17

Rock the Ocean

Aug. 11

Rock the Coast

Aug. 10

Rock Marina Vista

Aug. 4

Rock into August